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Clown fish (Amphiprion ocellaris) is a hermaphrodite protandri who undergo sex change from male into a female. The purpose of this study was to determine the sex change based on the size of the fish body length clown with morphological and histological observations of the gonads and know aspects of clown fish reproduction includes TKG, IKG, fecundity, and egg diameter based on body size. Intake of fish samples were taken and carried out in January to February 2015 in which sampling in bungus originating from waters Mentawai islands. From the results of the sampling taken 50 fish clown making random. The results showed that the length of the clown fish measuring 3.02 cm to 4.50 cm male sex, size of 4.60 cm to 5.40 cm manifold hermaphrodite which has begun to change sex, and size of 5.50 cm to 8, 00 cm had a female is perfectly in histology TKG I was still filled with granules of sperm, TKG II oocytes begin to develop cytoplasm grew at TKG III follicular development and oocyte cells swell and the TKG IV euvitelin core has grown and is located around the membrane core. Based on the results of the IKG ranging from 0.01612% to 0.0526% with an average of 0.0360%. Fecundity 10-386 grains with egg size 206-500μm with the type of spawning multiple times (multi spawner).


Keyword; Clown fish, Reproductive.

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