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Communication event is an event that is very diverse. Communication is an event of delivering a message from the communicator (the sender) to the communicant (recipient of the message). In order for the message to get to the communicant, a communicator should use a language understood by the communicant. When a communicator using a language that is not understood by the communicant, the message delivered by the communicator will not be until the communicant. In this case the language as a communication tool has a very important role. Not only turnover occurred in the language of communication events, but the mixing of the two languages also often occur. Mixing is done because the language between the speakers and your opponent has a mastery of the same speech in two languages. People often do not realize when they did not mix code. Similarly, code switching, code-mixing was often used in movie dialogue. Mixed code is also often used in school by a teacher when describing the subject matter. Mixed code used by a teacher in the learning process because of the sheer so that students know and understand about the subject matter. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of code-mixing is done by a teacher at SDN 01 Ampang. The results obtained that code-mixing has been done 01 primary school teachers can Ampang berdampah to kebahaman students of the subject matter even more students to feel comfortable and relaxed with their mix of code that teachers do to surprise the students' minds. Mixed code should also be done when the teacher nearly saturated students receive lessons so that students can re-focus with their inserts Regional language, English, slang even though in formal situations using standard language.

Key Words: code-mixing, the learning process

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