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Under article 67 Presidential Decree Number 103 in 2001 one of the tasks of drug and food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) is conducting a regulatory, standardization and certification of food and drug products that cover the whole aspects of the manufacture, sales and safety of food, drugs and cosmetics. The issues examined, namely1) how her role in running the BPOM to oversee food products that expire in Padang city? 2) whether the constraints facing the BPOM in overseeing the food product expiry in Padang city and what this effort? The type of research used in this study is the juridical sociological research that is being done in the field to get primary data through interviews. The data obtained were analyzed qualitatively. Research results concluded 1) supervision of food products expire at doing by field inspection, the inspection is conducted every month by not scheduled in a way down to the field, if the expiry of dollars products traded then there will be the decisive action undertaken by BPOM with secure products, destroy the products in place, or take it to the Office of BPOM to destruction in General 2) obstacles faced BPOM is the lack of understanding of producers and consumers expiry of the product, do not want to be handed over, the limited HUMAN RESOURCES, the lack of facilities and infrastructure. Efforts are being made, namely, conducting seminars and talkshow, working with cross-cutting Service, inspection on a regular basis.

Keywords : Supervision, BPOM, Food Products, Expired


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