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Implementation of the cooperation between the Governor with LEGISLATORS is a thing that must be done in order to achieve progress in the area of desire. But in fact, at the time of this now is precisely many of mismatch between the head region with DPRD due mostly occurs because of their different party, and want to topple each other and resulted in terhambatnya the progress of the region. The implementation of this cooperation is very important for the progress of a region, where the Governor submits a Perda and presented to the PARLIAMENT and here lies the cooperation they negotiated, and analyzes the impact on society over Perda who want legalized, so local governments provincial and SUB-PROVINCIAL PARLIAMENTS could obligated to each other pillars in the implementation of this cooperation, their role is crucial to the advancement of the area so that the community could prosper and set aside the ego or the interests of each party , for the Betterment of the region and the welfare of society, of course. The Problem formulation are examined: 1) how does the Governance cooperation between Governor with PARLIAMENT in implementing Government? 2 How does the role of LEGISLATORS in) Discussion Ranperda submitted by the Governor to LEGISLATORS? Juridical nature of the sociological research. The data used the primary data obtained from interviews and secondary data obtained from studies of the document. The data collected were analyzed qualitatively. Research results: 1) Governance cooperation between Governor with the DPRD is to conduct meetings and deliberations. 2) Role in the implementation of REGIONAL cooperation is to moor and synchronize back to kemendagri so that it does not occur collisions – collisions over the existing regulation, and with a signed letter of approval tanganinya that Supercede the Governor proposed approved or rejected until terminated by hammer meeting Chair of the Council.

Keywords: Cooperation, Ranperda, DPRD, The Governor.



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