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According to the 1945 Constitution, Indonesia embraces a presidential government system. Indonesia as a State that embraces presidential government system places the President as head of state as well as head of government. However, there is a problem where in the decision of the Constitutional Court Number 79 / PUU-IX / 2011 that in the appointment of the Deputy Minister within the ministry this must be in accordance with the rules in Article 10 of Law Number 28 Year 2009 concerning the State Ministry together with its explanation. Problem formulation: (1) How is the Legal Consideration of the Constitutional Court Judge regarding the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 79 / PUU-IX / 2011 regarding the position of the Deputy Minister? (2) How is the position of Deputy Minister by the Constitutional Court based on Constitutional Court Decision Number 79 / PUU-IX / 2011? The research method used Normative Law research. The data sources used are secondary data sources, including Primary Law Material, and tertiary. Data collection techniques use document studies to collect data from data analysis, qualitative analysis. Result of the research: (1) Consideration of Constitutional Court Judge concerning Decision of Constitutional Court Number 79 / PUU-IX / 2011 concerning Vice Minister's position based on from Petition filed by Petitioner, Expert Witness's Statement and Government's Response. (2) The position of Deputy Minister pursuant to Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 79 / PUU-IX / 2011 is that the petition filed by the applicant namely GN-PK is accepted for a part of Article 10 of the Ministry of State Affairs Law and described in Presidential Regulation No. 60/2012 on Deputy Minister.

Keywords: Decision, Constitutional Court, Position, Deputy Minister


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B. Peraturan Perundang-Undangan

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