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Solok has a very good potential to increase revenues through native markets ballot levy that is currently been managed well by the Market town of Solok. the settings have been set in Solok Perda No. 3 in 2012 about Retribution Service efforts. The formulation of the problem 1). How is the role of the Office Market in Solok increase revenue through native levies?. 2). Whether the constraints faced by the Agency in Solok Market increase income through native levies?. 3.) how does the efforts undertaken the service of the Market town of Solok in overcoming constraints faced by indigenous areas to increase revenues through levies?. This research uses the juridical sociological approach. From the results of the research note that the role of the Office of 1) Market in Solok increase revenues through levies is native to perform tasks and functions optimally, especially in polling levy and management of markets that include planning, policy formulation and regions draw up work programmes in order to complete the task of principal office. 2). Constraints faced by the Market town of Solok, namely the Education Department employee mismatch, lack of awareness of market merchants pay a levy, coordination officer has not run optimally. 3). Efforts made in Solok Market Service constraints is adjusting the quality of education employees of the Office market, improve and enhance market infrastructure, evaluation of work periodically at regular intervals.

Keywords: Retribution, Office Market, income



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C. Sumber Lainnya

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