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The development of tourism and culture as one of the efforts to flatten the income and development within the framework of a real autonomy of charging, dynamic, responsible with the grant of autonomous existence, to support and guarantee the development and regional development, viewed the need to give up some Government Affairs pusa in the fields of tourism and culture to the area of the province, district or city to take care of and manage its territory of its own. Formulation of the problem: 1). How the implementation of tourism in the development of tourism in Tanah Datar Regency based on Act No. 10 of 2009 about tourism, 2). What obstacles hindering Tourism, youth and sports Tanah Datar Regency in the development of tourism in Tanah Datar Regency based on Act No. 10 of 2009 about tourism, 3.) What efforts undertaken Tourism, youth and sports in the development of tourism in Tanah Datar Regency. The research method is the sociological legal research i.e. research conducted directly into the field by means of interviews to get primary data, the data collected in the analysis with qualitative analysis. Based on the results of the research can be drawn the conclusion: 1). The implementation of tourism in Tanah Datar Regency include matters outside the central authority, based on the needs and potential of existing tourism in Tanah Datar Regency, in the implementation of the 2). The Government also encountered Tanah Datar Regency constraints that hinder tourism in the flat land developers still lack of infrastructure of land to investors for the construction of tourist objects in Tanah Datar Regency, a lack of awareness in parwisata, and 3). The Government is also working to flat ground completes the sara infrastructures and also seeks to involve the participation of the community for the development of tourism in the flat land.

 Keyword: Implementation, Development, Tourism


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C. Sumber lain



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