Pelaksanaan Ekonomi Kerakyatan di Kota Payakumbuh

Rancha Gabby Alsa Rancha Gabby A



It's a people's economy economic system based upon the economic power to the grass roots. Formulation of the problem in the thesis are (1) how does the exercise of the people's economy in Payakumbuh? (2) what are the obstacles faced in the implementation in the  people's economy in Payakumbuh? (3) whether the  effort in making the city of Payakumbuh economic populist? In this thesis writing method used is the sociological legal research methods or empirical, data sources in writing this form of primary and secondary data sources that can be classified as primary legal material over and secondary legal materials, asfor the data collection tool in the writingis in the form of documents and interview analysis techniques with data then the data already in a qualitative manner i.e. analysis data processing without using numbers. From the results of research he is top, the author concluded that 1) that implementation of economic populist in Payakumbuh already well underway though still less have not reached satisfactory results as expected by all circles. 2) barriers in the face in the implementation of the economic populist in Payakumbuh is pesainga, the rate of participation of cooperative members is still low, less attention pemeritah, lack of promotion and dissemination and others. 3) efforts are being made in making Payakumbuh as the people's economy by providing training to employees, capital assistance, the need for means promsi, outreach to the community, the provision of facilities and infrastructure.

 Keywords: Economics, Psychology, Payakumbuh.



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