Kandoushi Yang Menyatakan Impresi Berdasarkan Gender Dalam Komik Detective Conan Karya Aoyama Gosho

Hamdi Rusli, Syahrial Syahrial, Anwar Nasihin


This study focuses on the form and use of kandoushi based on gender in the Detective Conan comic by Gosho Aoyama study of structure. Kandoushi is an interjection used by the speaker to call, answer and express feelings such as, happiness, sad, angry, annoyed, embarassed, confused, disappointed and exited. Kandoushi are informal words or phrases often used by Japanese people. However, for students of Japanese language is very difficult to understand because kandoushi not implemented or discussed in university or at college. The method used in this research is descriptive method, the authors presented data in a clear and candid. The amount of data (kandoushi) discovered is 116 words. 6 data for kuso, 8 data for Iyaa, 8 data for are, 2 data for o, 2 data for ng, 9 data for mou, 7 data for e, 3 data for ots, 14 data for eets, 14 data for fun, 6 data for waats, 3 data for bakayaro, 18 data for maa, 18 data for ara, 1data for yatta, 9 data for kora, 8 data for hee. Key words: Kandoushi, Manga, Japan, Word

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