Analisis Verba Iu Dalam Novel Watashi o Hnasanaide Karya Kazuo Ishiguro Kajian; Struktur

Anton Masri, Syahrial Syahrial, Anwar Nasihin


This study focuses on the form and use of doushi (verb) in the Watashi o
Hanasanaide novel by Kazuo Ishiguro study of structure. Doushi serves to form
various sentence structures and clarify the meaning of ideas. Doushi is used to
describe/declare an action, event, existence, experience, state, and the relationship
between two objects. The method used in this research is descriptive method, the
authors presented the data in clear and candid. In this research the theory that the
author used is Nihongo Bunkei Ziten by Sunagawa Yuriko and friends. The
amount of data (doushi) discovered is 22 words. 16 data for Hatsugen, 3 data for
Denbun, 3 data for Namae.
Key Words: Structure, Novel, Doushi, word

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