Analisis Adverbia Ato Dalam Novel Totto-chan Karya Tetsuko Kuroyanagi ; Kajian Struktur

Tiara Tri Utami, Anwar Nasihin, Diana Kartika


; "> In this thesis the author analysis the use and forms of “ato” adverb in Totto-chan novel by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi study of structure.The method used by the author is descriptive method which is a Research that is conducted solely on the basis of fact or phenomenon and
empirically used by the speaker so it can be expressed as it is. In this study the theory used by
the author is Nihon Go Bunkei Ziten by Sunagawa Yuriko (1998). The amount of data
(Fukushi) discovered is 26 data. 15 data in the first section of ato, consist of, 5 data for ato
that explains kuukan (situation), 10 data that explains jikan (time), And 11 data for the second
section, consist of, 3 data for ato, 1 data for ato kara, 3 data for ato de, 4 data for ato wa
Key Words: Structure, Ato, Words, Fukushi

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