Wulandari Dwianty Dwianty, Oslan Amril, Dewi Kania Izmaaynti


This thesis examine about power harassement (パワハラ) in Japan company nowday. Power harassment in action to using authority his own to his employee in company his working at. The thesis using social system theory and French and Raven power theory. In this power theory there is 5 basic power it was reward power, coercive power, legimate power, expert power, and refent power. This primary data source research is newspaper, article, and drama. This research using descriptive method. The result is manager always using verbal power harassment and mental power harassment to his employee. Verbal power harassment is shouting a bad word to his employee. Mental power harassment is like ignoring his employee while his greeting or asking to his manager. The result showing a manager using power harassment coercive power and power harassment legimate power. This is happen because old manajement system (Ie) become hierarchy so manager using his power ordered his employee to do hid own. Then long drawn recession change old manajement to new manajement in the company where employee work based on ability, experience and achievement and begin to become permanent workers in the middle of his career. So that superiors using the coercive power and legitimate power to make employee work based on experience and ability possessed.
Keyword: company, power, power harassment, Japan

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