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There are some factors that cause the low of students’ mathematic learning outcomes of grade VII SMPN 14 South Solok. For example, the process of mathematics learning that is still centered on the teacher, students do not understand the material well and when they are given the exercise, some of students only copy their friends’ exercise so that teachers are difficult to monitor students' understanding individually.
To overcome these problems, one of means that can be applied is by using the Kumon learning model. It aims to find out both students’ learning outcomes and students mathematics activity using the Kumonlearning model that are better than ordinary learning on students in class VII SMPN 14 of South Solok in academic year 2016 / 2017. The population in this research were students of class VII SMPN 14 South Solok academic year 2016 / 2017 that were distributed into eight classes.
The hypothesis of this research was the development of students’ mathematic learning activities that were taught by using the Kumon learning model in students’ mathematic learning in class VII of SMPN 14 South Solok and students’ mathematic learning outcomes that used the application of the Kumon learning model that were better than the students’ learning outcomes using an ordinary learning on students class VII SMPN 14 South Solok.
The type of this research was experimental research. The population was the seventh grade students of SMPN 14 of Solok Selatan in the academic year 2016/2017 that consisted of four classes. In choosing the sample, the researcher used Random Sampling technique. Class VIIaas experimental class and class VIIb as control class.Based on the data of students' mathematics learning outcomes in both sample classes, the researcher found the result of hypothesis testing by using t test. The results of analysis t counted = 2.79 and t table = 1.635, for t counted> t table. Therefore, the hypothesis is acceptable at the significant level of 95%. Finally, we can conclude that students’ mathematic learning outcomes using an application of the Kumon learning model were better than students’ mathematic learning outcomes using ordinary learning on students of class VII SMPN 14 South Solok.

Key words: students’ mathematic learning outcomes, mathematic learning activity, KUMON model.

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