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This research is  the background by the ability of students who are still low in understanding mathematics. Students only expect an explanation from the teacher and do the assigned tasks. As a result less effective learning, because only a small number of students are actively involved in learning activities, to overcome this then the writer tries to apply the SAVI approach. The purpose of this research is to increase the activity and learning outcomes of students with the application of SAVI approach on learning mathematics in class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Lembang Jaya.

               The research question is "How is the activity of students in learning mathematics during applying SAVI approach in class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Lembang Jaya ?. The research hypothesis is the result of learning mathematics of students with learning applying SAVI approach better than ordinary learning in class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Lembang Jaya.

               The type of this research is experimental research. The study population is all students of class VIII SMP Negeri I Lembang Jaya year lesson 2016/2017. For random sampling after the normality test, homogeneity test and equality test average. Grade VIII2 students with 32 students were selected as experimental class and grade VIII3 students with 30 people selected as control class. The independent variable in this research is the treatment given to the sample class at the time of the research that is the application of SAVI approach in the experimental class and the usual learning in the control class. The dependent variable in this research is the activity and the result of the students' mathematics learning which is obtained after being given the treatment according to the independent variable. Hypothesis test result of student's final mathematics test is analyzed by using t test.

               Result of hypothesis testing with dk = 60 and level of trust α = 0,05 in can t (0,95; 60) = 1,67 while titung = 1,1579. Since t count <ttabel means the criterion is accept H0, it can be concluded that the result of mathematics learning of students using SAVI approach as well as mathematics learning result of students using ordinary learning.

               Researchers suggest that for further researchers who want to apply the SAVI approach in learning mathematics is expected to better manage the class and improve the deficiencies in the implementation of research that researchers conducted, so as to provide better results.


Keywoard: Savi approach, learning math

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