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               One of the factors causing low learning result of student mathematics is the lack of student activity, there is no desire of student to learn independently, the source of matter is only focused on the teacher. To overcome these circumstances, the authors conducted a study entitled "Application of Cooperative Learning Methods of The Learning Cell Type In The Process Of Mathematics Learning Students Class VII SMP N 5 Kubung.".               The purpose of this study is to determine the activity and learning outcomes of mathematics students learning learning applying cooperative learning method of The Learning Cell type in class VII SMP N 5 Kubung. The hypothesis in this study is the result of learning mathematics of students who apply cooperative learning method of The Learning Cell type better than the result of learning matetamatika students by applying ordinary learning to students of class VII SMP N 5 Kubung.               The type of research used is experimental research. The population in this study are students of class VII SMP N 5 Kubung year lesson 2016/2017. The sample in this research is class VII.B as many as 24 students as experimental class and class VII.D as many as 23 students as control class.               Students 'learning activity in the experimental class is generally higher than the students' mathematics learning activity in the control class. Although at each meeting the student's learning activities do not always increase and only dominant in the activity aspect points (1) Students discuss with their partner in accordance with the given material, points (2) Students do the exercises given by the teacher. While the results of student learning in both classes of sample research, after hypothesis testing obtained  = 0,106 with db = 1 obtained 0,025 <p <0.05. Therefore p <0.05 means Ho is rejected and H1is accepted. Thus, it can be concluded the results of learning mathematics that is taught by applying cooperative learning type The Learning Cell better than the results of learning mathematics is taught by applying the usual method of learning. 

Keywords :

Cooperative Learning,The Learning Cell

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