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            The cause of  the  result in study of  the seventh grade students at SMP Negeri 13 Padang below the Minimum Exhaustiveness criteria (KKM) is that many students are not focused on the learning, in doing the exercises the students are more likely to see answers from their friends, the students are afraid to ask the teacher directly about the material that has not been understood . Therefore, teachers as educators should be able to choose a learning approach that can improve student learning outcomes in the learning process. One approach to learning that can be applied is to use the approach of learning Realistic Mathematic Education. The purpose of this study was to determine the results of mathematics learning of students whose learning applying Realistic Mathematic Education approach better than the results of learning mathematics students with ordinary learning in class VII SMP Negeri 13 Padang.
            The type of this research is experimental research, the study population is the seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 13 Padang registered in the academic year 2016/2017 consisting of seven classes, namely VII1 to VII7. Samples were taken as many as two classes that had homogeneity and had an average similarity. After the homogeneity test and the average equality test, then for the selected experimental class is class VII2 and the control class selected is class VII3. The instrument used in this study is a final test in the form of a description.
            The data of the final test result of the students in both sample classes is normal and homogeneous distributed. So to test the hypothesis used the formula t. Based on data analysis with hypothesis test calculation obtained    = 0,0801 because  nothing fulfill in table t hence done interpolation so that obtained   = 1, 6695 because karena   then hypothesis HO accepted, mean hypothesis rejected is hypothesis H1.
Thus, the proposed hypothesis is rejected that is the result of learning mathematics students using Realistic Mathematic Education approach as well as mathematics learning outcomes of students using ordinary learning in the seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 13 Padang. The researcher suggested that the next researcher can apply Realistic Mathematic Education approach and improve the deficiency in this research so that it can give better result.

Keywords :
Realistic mathematic education approach, Mathematics

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