. The Influence of Circuit Learning Learning Models on Learning Outcomes of Social Sciences Theme of Daily Purposes of Class III Students of SDN 43 DadokTunggul Padang

Yuanita Putri Daulis, Muhammad Sahnan, Hidayati Azkiya


Education is one of the activities needed in human life, because wherever and whenever in the world there is education. Education is a basic need for humans, with education, the quality of human life will also be better. In the world of education a teacher, especially elementary school teachers must be able to master all subjects in elementary school, including social studies. . The Nature of IPS Susanto, 2013: 137 science that studies various social and humanities disciplines as well as basic human activities that are scientifically packaged in providing students with insight and deep understanding, especially at the primary and secondary levels. The use of models in the learning process has significant significance. Learning models are plans or concepts to help students in the learning process and understand learning easily. By using a model in learning, it will help eliminate students' boredom in receiving lessons. One of them is by using circuit learning models in social studies learning

This type of research is experimental research. According to Sugiyono 2009: 72 experimental research was conducted in a laboratory while naturalistic / qualitative research was carried out under natural conditions. In experimental research there is treatment (treatment), whereas in naturalistic research there is no treatment.

The average final test results of students in the experimental class 83.83 and control class 78.67 with the Hypothesis Test level obtained thitung> t table where (2.789> 2.002), as evidenced by the significant level (a) = 0.05 this means there is a significant difference in students' social studies learning outcomes that use circuit learning learning models on social studies learning outcomes for the daily needs of third grade students of SDN 43 Dadok Tunggul Hitam Padang

Based on the research results obtained, it can be concluded that there is an influence of the circuit learning model on the social studies learning outcomes of the daily needs of third grade students of SDN 43 Dadok Tunggul Padang. So that the model can be applied and developed to achieve optimal social studies learning outcomes at the school

Keywords: circuit learning model, learning outcomes, daily needs.

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