. Effect of Debate Learning Models on Indonesian Language Learning Outcomes of Class V Students at Kuranji Elementary School 13 Padang. Thesis of Elementary School Teacher Education, Teaching and Education Faculty, Bung Hatta University.

Aknanta Mutia Dara, Wimita Eska, Hidayati Azkiya


Education is an important means to improve the quality of human resources (HR) in ensuring the sustainability of a nation. Therefore, improving the quality of human resources early is an important thing that must be considered seriously. To support the implementation of these activities it can be channeled through learning.

An alternative to solving problems is by applying the Debate learning model. Researchers want to apply alternative solutions to these problems because this model is quite fun for students in following the learning process. With the teacher preparing a discourse that will be done by each group. Learning with Debate students learn while playing, thus forming collaboration between peers

The type of research used is experimental research. According to Sugiyono (2009: 72), "Experimental research is a research method used to find out the influence of certain treatments on others under controlled conditions". Similar opinion is also expressed by Arifin (2012: 68), "experimental research is a practical way to learn something by changing conditions and observing their effects on other things".

X ̅ obtained in experimental class cognitive learning outcomes = 79.13 and control class = 69.61, attitude assessment of experimental class = 77.19% (many) of 22 students, control class = 47.91 (little) of 21 students, Assessment of speaking skills commenting on factual issues accompanied by supporting reasons with regard to choice of words and polite language. The average experimental class = 72.7 (high), and the control class = 63.3 (medium). Data were analyzed using t-test. Based on cognitive data analysis obtained t count = 2.91 and t_ (tabe l) = 0.334 which is t count> t table then the hypothesis is accepted. And data for speaking skills t_count = 2,488 and t_tabel = 1,985 that is t_count>t_tabel then the hypothesis is accepted.

It can be concluded that the effect of the Debate learning model gives a positive influence on the learning outcomes of VA students in the second semester of SDN 13 Kuranji, Kuranji Subdistrict, Padang City.

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