. Effect of Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education Approach on Students' Mathematical Problem Solving Ability of Class IV 29 Purus Padang

Riri Yolanda, Niniwati Niniwati, Arlina Yuza


The field of mathematics studies is needed for the calculation process and the thinking process that is needed by people in solving various problems. Based on observations made in class III SDN 29 Purus Padang obtained when the teacher gives practice questions to students during mathematics learning takes place, students are less careful and inaccurate in analyzing the practice questions given by the teacher and students do not understand what is known, asked and steps steps in problem solving, so that the students' problem solving ability is low in solving problems. Therefore, one solution to improve students' problem solving abilities is that, using the Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education approach in the process of learning mathematics.

The type of research used is experimental research. The study population was all students in grade IV SDN 29 Purus Padang as many as 40 students divided into two classes, namely IVA and IVB. Sampling in this study was conducted using the Total Sampling technique, so that the IVA class was obtained as the experimental class and the IVB class as the control class. The data analyzed in this study were quizzes and final tests of the fourth grade students' mathematical problem solving abilities collected through a description test.

The results of the quiz data analysis problem solving skills obtained by students, it can be seen that the average percentage of completeness quiz scores students tend to increase and decrease, seen in the first and second quizzes increased from 52.63% to 84.21% and then decreased in quizzes third is 36.84% and the fourth quiz is 47.36% while in the fifth and sixth quizzes the same increase is 84.21%. The result of data analysis is the final test of problem solving ability using t-test obtained by tcount = 2.2107 and ttable = 2.024. This means that tcount>ttable, and it means that H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted so that it can be concluded that the use of the Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education approach influences the mathematical problem solving ability of IVA SDN 29 Purus Padang class students.

Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that there is an influence of the approach of Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education on students' mathematical problem solving abilities. For this reason, it is recommended for class teachers to study mathematics to be able to apply the Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education approach in the learning process.


Keywords: Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education Approach, Problem Solving Ability

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