Development of Web-Based Learning Media in Computer Subjects and Basic Networks

Berly Roza, Eril Syahmaidi, Ashabul Khairi


This research aims to produce Web-based learning media on computer subjects and basic networks that are valid, practical. This type of development research uses the Research and Development (R&D) method. This media development procedure begins with an analysis of needs in the field, the initial design of the product by first creating a storyboard. The product feasibility testing phase is carried out with product validation by two expert experts. Data is collected by practicality test. The results showed that the product was declared valid by obtaining an average value of 79%, while the practicality value was 94%. From these values it can be concluded that a Web-based learning media has been produced using valid and practical sublime text so that it can assist students in understanding Kompter material and basic networks.


Keywords: Media, web based, practical


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