Management Design of Semantic Web-Based Documents and Letters Archiving.

Fajar Al Hadi, Karmila Suryani, Rini Widyastuti


The Computer and Informatics Engineering Education Study Program is one of the departments at Bung Hatta University. The Informatics and Computer Engineering Education study program still uses cabinets for storing files and letters, while still using cabinets makes storage less effective and efficient in the process of finding and storing data or reports as needed. The purpose of this research is to produce a web-based semantic web-based document and letter archiving management system. In the design of this study using the waterfall method, to produce a system that can help in the process of the letter filling. In the process, an output design and input file design was designed which was then implemented in the PHP programming language and supported by the MYSQL database. With the implementation of information systems for archiving documents and letters in the Informatics and Computer Engineering Education Study Program can improve performance more effectively and efficiently in managing the archiving of documents and letters.


Keywords: E-Archive, Waterfall, PHP MYSQL

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