Pirolisis Sampah Plastik Polyprophylene Menjadi Bahan Minyak Dengan Variasi Temperatur

Redny Witri, Novalia Putri, Mulyazmi ., Erti Praputri




Plastic waste management problems today are caused by the rapid changes in the order of social life, economics, politics, and culture so that the imbalance between the production of waste management. This experiment  aims to determine the characteristics of the plastic waste pyrolysis oil of polypropylene with   temperature variation in operating time remains. A total of 200 grams of plastic types polypropylene has pyrolysis at the operating temperature of 200 ° C, 250 ° C, 300 ° C and 350 ° C for 45 minutes. Most chemical compounds on pyrolysis oil is a compound with a carbon atom bonding C8-C9 can be approximated by fuel type of gasoline. The density of the oil obtained sequentially 0.73, 0.8, 0.78 0.71 g / cm3 and a viscosity of 0.61 Cp. The volume of oil sequentially obtained 23, 35, 44, 61 ml. Calorific value of 1274, 863, 1093, 1307 cal / gram.

Keyword : Polypropylene, Pyrolysis, Temperature, Liquid Fuel

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