Potensi Katalis Gamma Alumina Tersulfonasi untuk Konversi Gliserol menjadi Gliserol-Eter sebagai Komponen Blending Biodisel

Eky Cahya Ningrum, Ina Lantanel Mahram, Maria Ulfah, Mulyazmi .




Biodiesel is one of the modern biofuel where Glycerol is a by-product of biodiesel production from the transesterification reaction. To increase the added value of glycerol and the economics of producing biodiesel, the conversion of glycerol into glycerol ether is an attractive option. Glycerol ethers are used as blending components (additives) in fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Glycerol ethers derived from glycerol etherification process with Tert Butyl Alcohol (TBA), forming a branched glycerol. Glycerol etherification process can be accelerated using a homogeneous catalyst or a heterogeneous catalyst. This research is using a heterogeneous catalyst γ-Alumina sulfonate which made from boehmite, aquadest, nitric acid 3%, ammonia 25%, sulfuric acid 98%. Then analyzes the results of the product is done by using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS). Glycerol ethers obtained through the glycerol conversion results are processed at 60 0C for 6 hours to produce optimum conversion at ratio mol of glycerol to  TBA1:6 and amount of catalyst 6% w/v. Glycerol conversion increased when the volume of TBA increas.

Keyword : Glyserol, Tert-butanol, Gliserol-eter

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