Efektifitas Penggunaan Amoniak Berulang Pada Proses Penghilangan Lignin Bagas Tebu Untuk Meningkatkan Perolehan Hidrolisat Gula Sebagai Sumber Bioetanol

Rahmad Fuadi, Ridho Ilahi, Silvi Octavia, Firdaus .





        Delignification technology as a crucial part in bioethanol conversion from lignocellulosic biomass was highly developed recently, due to its effort to commercial technology. In this study, the effectiveness of ammonia on lignin removal process of bagasse can be tested by looking at the rate of glucose uptake at each repeater, and the result of glucose concentration was increased for any recycle ammonia, even not in significantly.


key word: delignification, ammonia, glucose concentration.  

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