Fathia Ulhaq, Eddy Soesilo, Arnita .




The power transformer is a transformer used to ensure the power flow from the power plant to the load  so maintenence is necessary. This research was conducted at indarung substantion with 150 kV transformer voltage with 30 MVA power at 30 March 2017 test. For optimization of power transformer maintanance, we performed maintanance and testing transformer, one of them  is DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) testing. This test aims to determine the type of interference in the transformer. DGA is a test method to test transformer oil condition by taking transformer oil sample form transformer unit to know gas type such as hydrogen, Methane, Ethane, Ethylene, Acethylene, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide dissolved gas analysis in transformer oil, from DGA test result will be able to infer and predicted the type of disturbance that may occur in the transformer and can be done immediately to prevent the disturbance on the transformer. In this research, DGA method is used by considering keygass method and optimized with fuzzy logic. So the results of testing using DGA (non fuzzy) only found Thermal Cellulose (TC) disturbance while fuzzy logic testing results obtained 2 types of interference that is Thermal Cellulose (TC) and High Thermal Cellulose (HTC).


Keywords: Power Transformer, DGA Method, Keygass Method, Fuzzy Logic

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