Desri Mulyadi, Hidayat ., Mirzazoni .




                    BLDC motor is increasingly widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial, and instrumentation in this research, BLDC motor is used as the driving position of venue guide on PLTMH. BLDC driven position controls are applied to the governor to regulate the water entering the turbine through the guide vane (inter angle). The rotation speed control system uses a closed-loop control system, which rotation speed will be controlled by arduino uno-based PID control system. Speed sensors are used infrared which converts as inputs for execution to actuator / governor via arduino. if the rotation speed of the generator goes down or up to close the guide vane system on the turbine generator, In this application the BLDC motor can rotate the right or left to guide the vane can regulate the incoming water to the turbine, obtained the results to drive the guide vane by testing open loop data which is inserted (RPM) small from the controlled value 1600 - 1700 then the BLDC motor (gear box) will move faster, as well as the data entered (RPM) exceeds the controlled value, at the close loop testing value of Rpm Fan (generator) will be read by infrared sensor if the infrared sensor readings to Rpm Fan (generator) <1600-1700 then the motor will turn right (opening) guide vane begitujuga> 1600-1700 then the motor moves left (close) guide vane, if close loop testing is given interference (hold) against the Fan within a certain time interval then the infrared sensor responds and ordered the BLDC motor (gear box) will move faster. Keyword: position control, arduino uno, infrared sensor, BLDC motor, PID.  

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