Yuki Fadilah, Albusyra Fuadi, Yaddi Sumitra, Ariyati Ariyati


Waterfront Sustainable Shelter as an Interaction Space Based on Ecology is a function of the
background of self-destruction activities that occur so as to result in environmental degradation
that occurs especially waterfront area Cimpago Lake Padang City. According to RTRW Padang
2010-2030 in Chapter 3 subchapter Planned Development of Wastewater Treatment
System Until now Padang City does not have wastewater pipe network, it means that liquid
waste will be flowed through city drainage and will flow to the high seas which will directly
affect the waterfront area of Padang City. According to the geographical location of the city of
Padang through the ring of fire that stretches the Pacific Ocean which means 90% of the
earthquake and 81% of large earthquakes magnitude> 7 Richter scales that occurs in the area
of ring of fire and earthquake with epicenter are offshore potentials to cause Tsunami waves.
In addition, Padang Barat area is the densest area in the city of Padang which has limited space
- communal space, especially in dense residential areas. With these problems, three program
concepts are applied to the function: waterfront program as the recreation room, ecological
interaction, then sustainable program by creating wastewater garden concept with ecological
approach and shelter program as a responsive vertical village area and disaster response. Of
these three programs will peak with the design vision as a target for 5 years.
Keywords: Waterfront, Sustainable, Shelter, Interaction Space, Ecology

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