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Development of air transportationthrough the addition of facilities to improve services to workers and
passengers.  In  the  process  there  will  be  various  positive  or  negative  impacts.  The  potential  of  the
negative  impact  of  development  is  the  impact  on  the  environment  surrounding  the  area  of
development of the Airport. The impacts of the tested development arise through: Air Quality, Noise,
Water Quality, Noise Intensity Test from  three locations studied: Service Road: 50.3 Acses road 53.7
and heavy equipment car line 50.5 This indicates that the noise level of the project is not disturbing
airport  workers and the surrounding community  as it is still below the safe threshold of 70 dB (A).
Quality Standard No. 48 / MENLH / 11/1996. Air Quality Test based on measurements conducted at 3
locations obtained results 21.6 for 10 minutes indicates that all  SO2, NO2, TSP, O3, air parameters
still qualify and are below the maximum level specified in PP 41/1999 . Water quality test is done
chemically  and  physics  based  on  research  result  that  is  chemicals  and  physics  dissolved  in  clean
water,  and  body  water  still  in  safe  category  because  because  still  below  threshold  determined  by
PerMenLH  No.5  Year  2014 about Wastewater  and  PERMENKES  NO.  492  /MENKES  /  PER  /  IX  /
1990on Well Water.
Keywords:  Air Quality, Noise Intensity, Water Quality

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