Rahmat Syukri, Inna Kholidasari .


In the road  network Solok management, the data and information  needed  on various levels
have different characteristics. At the highest level of management, data or information required are
strategic, at the medium level, the data or information is a tactical, while at  the operational level, the
implementation of the necessary data or information that is technical and detailed.Local governments
have  the  authority  to  set  policy  and  conduct  of  the  program  development.In  doing  development
planning  required  accurate  data  so  that  development  programs  could  be  made  appropriately  and
development can be achieved goodgoals.The program handling the network of road in the Soloks area
requires  the  informationdata  availability  and  systemsthat  capable  of  monitoring  the  urban  road
network  are  integrated.Availability  of  good  road  network  data  base  and  coordinated  to  anticipate
very  quick  changes to the needs of the data  of road handling.In  order  the management of the road
network data base, the role of  thetechnology  of  information is urgently needed to  convey  and provide
the best information and trusted.Geographic information system (Geographic Information System) is
one of theinformation technology tools that can be used to do the planning and handling of the road
condition  toward.Geographic  information  systems  as  a  tool  that  has  the  ability  to  save  various
information data, which the system displays the road network patterns to determine the prioritiesscale
in  theroad  event  of development,improvement and maintenance  based on the cityneeds.The strategic
aspect  of  this  research  concerns  the  determination  of  the  corresponding  location  coordinates  and
updates the database path of Solok, thus becoming the basic steps in setting up the work and the needs
in terms of funding.  So this research generates more data updates from the condition of the existing
road network.
keywords: data base, Geographic Information System, road network

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