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Irrigation System in Dharmasraya Regency at present 80% is technical irrigation system and 20%
Semi Teknik with construction of stone pairs. This topic starts from the condition of Linning
channel in Batang Mimpi Irrigation Area with 295 Ha service area, consisting of primary and
secondary channel with main function is for water supply to farming area, where there is frequent
damage to the channel even after handling / maintenance by the relevant agencies, but still there is
damage along the channel that is very influential on the reduction of water discharge. Damage and
conversion of the Channels is a current phenomenon in the Batang Mimpi Irrigation Area, where
the irrigation channel structures constructed in the form of a typical / trapezoidal type of open
channel passing through the plantation (oil palm and rubber) areas and community settlements is
one of the factors occurring deviation use of linning channel function. This condition causes
damage to channel linning structure, utilization / use of channel linning which is not functional will
result in irrigation function is not optimal and influenced on the debit and quality of water itself,
Reduced water discharge to agricultural area / rice field causing disturbance of cropping system
system that will impact on the decline in productivity results and this is one factor of the occurrence
of land transfer function. Methods Research done by doing a field observation / observation on
DI.Batang Mimpi to get the real condition of irrigation networks that have been built in 1825.To
solve the problem of damage to the channel in the business The optimization of irrigation function
is carried out by various treatments, based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), there are 3
alternatives to damage to the Batang Mimpi irrigation channel that is routine maintenance of P3A
and related offices (50%), repair of damaged buildings by the government (30%) and the allocation
of O & M funds by the Government (20%), the appropriate alternative in overcoming the channel
damage is the alternative 1 where the role of P3A is very important in overcoming the damage
supported by the damage repair and allocation of O & M funds from the government
Keywords: Irrigation, Channels, Damage, Channel function switching

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