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The purpose of this research is to find the answer about usability and the values inherent in the cultural and architectural context based on mosque architecture in Ontology, epistemology and axiology reviews, Ontology of science on mosque architectural trying to bring the mosque to know about the nature of everything something that is purpose of the construction of the mosque. Epistemology of science on mosque architectural try and give explanation of the source of knowledge. The mosque is not only from the physical side and the value of the mosque itself in the world of Islamic architecture which is certainly different from the source of architectural knowledge in general, while Axiology on Islamic is the last one who tried it those who try to see about the value in mosque architectures as a whole. Mosque architecture in Ontology review, Epistemology and axiology is a source of knowledge and beliefs from the mosque in forming element of an architectural work and exploring the values contains in both the design principle of a work and the value presents in a life belief. This research using qualitative methods with descriptive research types. Based on the result of the research, It can be concluded that architects in Ontology, Epistemology and axiology review, there are uses of values inherent in cultural and architectural contexts.
Keywords: Islamic Architecture, Mosque Architecture, Ontology,Epistemology, and Axiology

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