• Afdalena, Junaidi, Yusra(hal.409-413)


As one of the biological resources of fisheries, fish has a high protein content and low fat. The protein contained in fish has a complete composition of amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids which are very useful in the human body especially for health and can increase brain intelligence. In order to increase fish consumption in the community, diversification of fish products that are interesting and of high economic value needs to be created so that they are suitable to become one of the business prospects in the fisheries sector, especially for women fishermen so as to increase income in the family. The purpose of this research is to analyze the business feasibility of various diversification of processed products made from tuna including tuna meatballs, tofu tuna, tuna sauce. The method is done by reviewing 3 journals about the feasibility of processing tuna fish. The results of the study said that tuna meatball processing has an R / C Ratio of 1.12, Break Event Point (BEP) which is at the break-even point of Rp. 761,942,797, - and the Payback Period is only 2.3 years. Tofu processing business has tuna R / C which is 1.55, which means that each production cost incurred is Rp. 1,000, - the processing business will get as much as Rp. 1,550. While the income from the business of processing Tuna Fish into Sambal Sauce has an R / C Ratio of 3.62. Based on the results of the review it can be concluded that all diversification of tuna processed products is declared feasible to be developed. And the biggest advantage lies in the business of tuna sauce chili sauce processing followed by the processing of tuna tofu and tuna meatballs.
Keywords : analysys, business feasibility, fish processing, tuna fish