Efektivitas Hukum Dalam Pengawasan Dana Desa


  • Mh. Fadil.Mz - (Hal.442-445)


Village communities in the Village Law are obliged to participate in carrying out village government supervision. These provisions are regulated in Article 68 paragraph (1) of the Village Law. But the fact is, the community tends to let the village government work alone without supervision. The purpose of this study focuses on looking at the extent of legal effectiveness in monitoring village funds carried out by village communities. The method of approach used in this research is sociological juridical (Socio legal approach). In the study it was found that community participation in overseeing village funds was not maximal. Monitoring of village funds is very important. Here, it is necessary to socialize and make Regional Regulations related to community participation in overseeing village government and transparent management of village funds.


Keyword: Village community, Village Fund and legal effectiveness