• Fadhel Rachmat Riafdy, Jonny Wongso (Hal.446-452)


The city of Padang, located on the coast of Sumatra, is a city that has a fairly large population of other cities around it. Besides being the capital of the Province of West Sumatra, Padang City has classic issues such as population growth and limited land such as urban problems in general. Diverted to the Berok Nipah river basin area, the city of Padang has a fundamental issue, namely the growth of slum areas on the Berok Nipah waterfront surface. Settlement activities in settlements in the small river area cause pollution in the small river water flow (waterfront area) and the settlement has no legal force. As for other issues in the area that have links to community activities such as the lack of orderly fishing boat parking bags in the waterfront area,  the presence of illegal commercial buildings and the lack of space for social interaction in the area. Therefore, the authors intend to identify more deeply the problems that exist in the Berok Nipah small river area with several research approaches such as field survey methods and direct interviews, so that later it can produce solutions to the arrangement of slum areas (slums) in the small river area (waterfront) Berip Nipah.


Keywords: slum area, waterfront, settlement