Workplace Bullying pada Pegawai OPD Kabupaten Solok


  • Azwar, Zaitul (Hal.499-506)


Workplace bullying is an important aspect in workplace. This kind of bullying can influence the job outcome if it is not seriusly handled by management. Event though, there are few studies analysing the workplace bullying, the studies have been done in the commercial organization. It paid less attention for public organization as object. Therefore, this study investigate the relationship between workload and workplace bullying. Besides, this study also investigate the effect of job insecurity on workpalce bullying. Final sample is fourty-four respondents and participating in this study.  By applying the structural equaiton model using smart-pls, the result indicate that there is a negative effect of workload on workpalce bullying. It means that high workload will decrease the workplace bullying. However, job insecurity has no effect on work bullying. This study has a practical and theoritical implication and they discuss in this paper.

Keywords: Workload, Job insecurity, Workplace bullying