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This study discusses the process of Pariaman Market Development in the City of Gandariah Beach Attraction in Pariaman City and its impact on the surrounding community. The results of this study indicate that the impact of the development of the Pariaman Market in Gandoriah Beach Tourism Objects for the local population is concluded as follows: The rise of the dimly lit shop actually gives a bad image for the existence of the Pariamam Market on Gandoriah Beach. Many local people who sell handicrafts, clothing or food and beverages are actually disturbed by the existence of this dimly lit shop. Bad image not only occurs in the community or traders who are in the location of tourist markets and tourist gandoriah, but the visitors also become ugly. Many visitors are reluctant to shop at the market because they think that the place is not good enough and is a less attractive place. Not only that, local people who deliberately want to shop at a dimly lit shop also like to be gossip. One concrete example, a student comes home from school while still wearing a school uniform goes to the Market to buy accessories, when someone sees them walking in the market location they think that the student is "looking for prey" or considers them to be "peddlers of love". As a result, these students were called by the school because there were reports from the community. This negative image is what destroys the existence of traders and craftsmen who make a living in this place. But for the owners and residents of this dimly lit shop is a good business land for them to earn a fortune or is a source of income for his family. This controversy is very difficult to overcome. On one hand, the existence of dimly lit warungs that are increasingly widespread makes traders and craftsmen feel disadvantaged by decreasing their income. The purpose of this research is to create an organized, orderly, integrated and comprehensive environment so that the Pariaman market development plan has a more meaningful control element. The realization of effective, effective, specific local and konkrik space utilization in accordance with the regional spatial plan. The realization of unity of character and improving the quality of buildings and the environment / area in the Pariaman market area. On the other hand as a tourist area of course this will continue to grow. The existence of dim shops is also one of the attractions of tourist attractions in accordance with their motivation to simply eliminate fatigue.


Keywords :    Market, Tourist Area, Recreational tourism of the gandoriah beach