Development of IPS Learning Module Based on Word Square for Class IV SD 4 Theme Various Jobs



This research is motivated by the low skills and creativity of teachers in providing fun learning in the classroom. One of the skills that teachers must possess is being able to develop and use learning tools in the form of modules as more effective and efficient teaching material. Because modules are arranged systematically and allow students to study independently. In the learning process especially in the 2013 curriculum many teaching materials have been found in the form of learning modules that can ease teacher performance in delivering teaching materials. There are several social studies learning modules in elementary schools, namely, Social Sciences Learning Module Based on CTL Class IV Elementary School (Nurhayati, 2018), Social Sciences Learning Module Class V Elementary School Based on Pic and Pic (Ningsih Karlima, 2015) and Natural Science Learning Module Based on Problem Based Learning in Class V SD (Sunarmi, 2016). While in schools where researchers will conduct research, teachers have not yet developed or used modules when learning.
Guided by the purpose of research is to produce a learning tool that is valid, practical, and effective. So this research is a research and development. The research that will be developed is a module with the Word Square method. After the product is developed, validation analysis, practicality analysis and effectiveness analysis will be carried out on the module that will be used by students in learning activities. Data collection techniques in this study include a questionnaire (questionnaire). In this study the researchers used primary data sources namely by distributing validation questionnaires to lecturers or experts and practicality to teachers and students, while the secondary data sources were MID semester 1 grade test scores for fourth grade students of SD Negeri 16 Bukit Siayah 2019/2020 Academic Year.
From the analysis of the data the results of the module validity test questionnaire by the validator the average validity value on the aspect of content eligibility, linguistic components, and design components was 85.8% with a valid category. Practicality test by the teacher the average practicality score is 96.42% with a very practical category. And the practicality test by students is 92.8% with a very practical category. In the effectiveness test using the Normalized Gain (N-Gain) calculation the percentage obtained is 63 with a moderate / quite effective classification
Keywords: Word Square, Modules, Social Sciences (IPS)

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