Development of Mathematics Students Worksheet LKPD) Based on Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) Approach in Class VIII of SMP Negeri 14 Padang

Mutiara Oktavia Kosim, Rita Desfitri, Yusri Wahyuni


This research is motivated by the difficulty of teachers in making teaching materials to develop students' thoughts and interests in learning mathematics. In the 2013 curriculum at the reasoning / associating stage requires creativity of students' thinking and reasoning. Based on these problems, one of the efforts was made to develop a Mathematics Student Worksheet (LKPD) based on the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach in class VIII of SMP Negeri 14 Padang. Researcher choose the material relations and appropriate functions to formulate into mathematical concepts, and build students' independence. LKPD is one of the learning resources used by students. Students are usually more interested in using LKPD than thick textbooks.

               The is of research used research and development (R & D) type. The development method used is the Plomp model which consists of five phases: i) the initial investigation phase, ii) the design phase, iii) the realization phase, iv) the test, evaluation and revision phase, and v) the implementation phase. However, this research researcher only worked until the fourth phase, namely the test, evaluation and revision phases. Validation was carried out by 2 Mathematics lecturers. Practicality testing was conducted on 32 students in class VIII.8 of SMP Negeri 14 Padang.

               Based on the validation results from the experts, it was found that the LKPD was valid with an average validity of 81.94%. While the practicality results of students obtained an average of 90.48% with very practical criteria.

               It can be concluded that the CTL-based LKPD on the material relations and functions in class VIII SMP Negeri 14 Padang has a valid criteria and is practically used as a medium for learning mathematics. Based on the results of this study, researcher suggest that LKPD can be used as an alternative media by educators. Further research is needed in developing the mathematics LKPD up to the fifth phase, the implementation phase. because researcher only come to practical and small-scale trials.

Keywords: Student Worksheets, Contextual Teaching and Learning, Valid and Practical

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