Jefri Irawan, Harfiandri Damanhuri .


Pantai Padang or Padang Beach tourism area has experienced very rapid development from time to time in terms of infrastructure, visitors and environmental cleanliness. This condition is used by the surrounding community to trade, which then makes street vendors scattered along the coast. The existence of these traders on one hand can be considered as an effort to improve the economy of the community around the tourist area. But on the other hand, it can also have a negative impact on the environment, especially in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the coastal area used as a place to trade. This paper aims to reveal how the use of coastal Padang tourism area and its impact on the surrounding environment,and see the efforts that have been made by the Regional Government of Padang City in the management of Padang Beach tourism area. Through the observation and literature study methods, the results of the research show that the Padang City Government has tried as much as possible in structuring the coastal area of Pantai Padang, but this effort is not enough if it is not supported by the community around the tourist area, as well as visitors in an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the Padang Beach.
Keywords: Tourism Area, Beach Tourism, Padang Beach, Pantai Padang, Environmental Impact

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