Analisis Kelayakan Pengembangan Budidaya Ikan Kerapu Macan (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) Pada Perusahaan Samartha Farm di Kenagarian Mandeh, Kecamatan Koto XI Tarusan, Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan

Lolitha Uthary, Abdullah Munzir, Usman Bulanin


This study presents an analysis of the feasibility of separating the tiger grouper aquaculture controlled   tub   and   floating   net  enlargement  seen  from  the   technical  aspects,   market, management, financial and sensitivity analysis. The results showed that the cultivation of tiger grouper viable seen from the technical aspects, but must an improvement in several aspects such as feeding unmeasured and the absence of additional vitamins. Based on market aspects of this business viable because it has the buyers who can afford to buy unlimited amounts. Based on the financial  aspects  (projected  cumulative  cash  flow  over  10  years)  for  nursery  NPV  Rp

835,359,056.00; B / C 4147; IRR is 62.79%; and PP 2:16 years, while for enlargement NPV Rp 1,067,136,145.00, B / C 3942; IRR is 57.24%; and PP 2:33 year. The sensitivity analysis with scenarios SR 10% decrease and 10% increase in the price of seedlings showing positive NPV values, Net B / C is more than 1, IRR greater than the DR and PP shorter of the economic life of the business.

Keyword ; analysis of the feasibility, tiger grouper aquaculture, cashflow

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