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This event will be based on research by the student's difficulties in solving geometry, especially waking up flat rectangle. Because in solving geometry students sued for creative thinking, whereas in fact the students rather lazy and only see the results of your friends, as well as student learning outcomes is still much under the KKM. It can be seen from the results of student learning on a daily wake-up flat material replicates the rectangular subjects mathematics Class VII SMPN 40 lesson 2016/2017 year, the field of 96 students only 8 students who meet the KKM. Therefore, the authors do research on student's thought process on the matter of waking up flat rectangle based on the Van Hiele theory learned in Class VII SMPN 40 Padang.

This study aims to describe the percentage of students in understanding the thought processes the material flat rectangular wake based on learning theory Van Hile in Class VII SMPN 40 Padang, and to find out what factors affecting students ' thought processes on materials of waking up flat rectangle based on the Van Hiele theory of learning. Questions in this research is what is the percentage of students who meet the thought process at the stage of visualization, phase analysis, informal deduction phases and stages of deduction, in understanding the material flat rectangular wakes up in Class VII SMPN 40Padang? As well as the factors that influence what students thought process on the matter of waking up flat rectangle based on the Van Hiele theory of Learning?

Type of this research is descriptive research with the population of the entire grade VII SMP 40 Padang. sampling using a purposive sampling technique so that the selected class VII1. Research instrument in the form of test descriptions and interviews.

The results showed that students who meet the Visualization phase 96.77%, phase analysis 62.90%, informal deduction 50% stage, stage 35.48% deduction. Some of the factors that affect the process of thinking students based on learning theory Van Hiele is a lack of understanding of students against the material flat rectangle, wake up less telitinya students in reading and answering the question, the habit of students recite the formula make easy forgotten students, and students are less confident with the skills that he has as a result students are more likely to see the results of his friend.

Advice from the research is that teachers Should teach Math subjects in SMP 40 Padang pay more attention to students ' thought processes based on the stages of learning geometry in accordance with learning theory Van Hiel. For further research, in order to get a more in-depth results against the factors that mempengeruhi the student's thought process based on learning theory Van Hiele, preferably an interview conducted a few times and maximum 1 day 2 students were interviewed.


Keywords: Purposive sampling, the Van Hiele theory of learning

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