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               Problem solving skills are one of the basic mathematical skills students need to have. Weak mastery of concepts and principles by students resulting in the ability of students in problem solving to be weak. For that in the learning process needs to be used Realistic Mathematics Education approach so that students more actively interact with other students. The formulation of the problem in this research is whether the problem solving ability of mathematics students by applying Realistic Mathematics Education is better than the students' mathematical problem solving ability by using ordinary learning in grade VIII SMP Negeri 3 Solok Selatan. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the problem-solving ability of mathematics students with Realistic Mathematics Education approach is better than the problem-solving ability of students by using ordinary learning in grade VIII SMP Negeri 3 Solok Selatan. The hypothesis of this research is the ability of problem solving of mathematics of students by using approach of realistic mathematics education better than student problem solving ability using ordinary learning in class VIII SMP Negeri 3 Solok Selatan.

               The type of this research is experimental research. The population in this research is the students of class VIII SMP Negeri 3 Solok Selatan in the academic year 2016/2017 consisting of five classes. Samples were taken by two classes using homogeneity test of variance and selected class VIIIB as experimental class and class VIIIE as control class. This research instrument is a quiz and a final test. In the assessment of the quiz and the final test used scoring rubric.                    The learning result data in the sample class is obtained from the given test consisting of Nine items. The test results obtained were analyzed for hypothesis testing using the formula  for the two independent samples. From the analysis result, we get arithmetic= 4.17 with db = 1 obtained  (0,02) <p <(0,05) or 0,01 <p <0,025. Because p <0.05 means H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted. Thus, it is concluded that students who achieve mathematics learning by applying Realistic Mathematics Education Approach (PMR) better than the proportion of students who achieve mastery learning mathematics by applying regular learning to class VIII Negeri 3 Solok Selatan. Researchers suggest that teachers can apply the approach of Realistic Mathematics Education as an alternative to achieve learning objectives. 

Keyword: Approachment of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), The Problem Solving

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