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abstract: Because of the frequent flooding in teh city of Painan then how to maintain the suistainability of drainage utilization in accordance with development plan. For this reason it is necessary to carry out operations, maintenance and handling management that must be planed properly. Besides that there is funding support from the government of the southern coastal district so that the drainage can function optimally in the city of Painan and avoid flooding. The purpose of this study was to identify strengths, weaknesses, oppurtunities and threats in the operation of drainage assets in the city of Painan, and determine the optimal drainage maintenance operation strategy in the city of Painan. The research method used is a qualitative method by means of interviews and documentation. The result of this research that efforts made in the management and supervision of drainage system is the garbage removal who furnished with two.
Kata Kunci : Managemen, Maintenance, Drainage.

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