Development of Social Sciences Learning Modules Based on Indukti Class III Approach SD N 11 Lubuk Jantan Tanah Datar

Annisa Tulfitri, Muhammad Sahnan, Hidayati Azkiya


The aim of national education is essentially to form a complete Indonesian human being as stated in the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 20 of 2003, concerning the National Education System, the meaning of the explanation of the National Education Law, can be interpreted that the government really hopes that through education students are able to develop the potential possessed by them to be useful for themselves, society, nation and country. Education can be obtained academically and non-academically through formal and non-formal education. In education the learning process is now a major problem faced by the world of education in developing students' knowledge. IPS is a field of study that analyzes symptoms and social problems in the community and is closely related to aspects of social life and more directs students to become democratic and peace-loving citizens of Indonesia. In developing learning modules an approach is needed, one approach that can be used is an inductive approach. The development model used in this study is a 4-D approach that is define, design, develop and disseminate which is modified into 3-D, namely define, design, develop.
Based on research conducted in class III SD N 11 Lubuk Jantan, Tanah Datar Regency data obtained from the results of module validity obtained from expert lecturers namely material expert lecturers and display expert lecturers. In addition to data validity, the researcher also obtained module practicality data obtained from teachers and class III students.
The results of the data obtained are then analyzed, the two data are data validity and practicality. Module validity obtained from material expert validators and display expert validators gained an average of 94% with very valid categories. Furthermore, the researcher also obtained a module practicality score from the teacher and 20 students with an average score of 93% with a very practical category.
Keywords: learning module, IPS, inductive approach, valid, practical.

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