Interactive Mathematics Learning Media Development Problem in the form of Android Application on The Material Building Students Class VIII Junior High School.

Rafki . Rizaldi, . Edrizon, . Niniwati


This research is supported by the non-availability of media that can add students understanding to the material taught by the teacher to junior class VIII students. It is clear that students are struggling in understanding material from a flat side chamber that teachers teach to make students less self-reliant and active in learning. To overcome this, one of the efforts done is to make learning media mathematics based interactive problems in the form of Android applications on the material building space. It is supported with mobile phone advances which give some advantages to the production of audio visuals, in addition the phone is no longer foreign to students, all students already have it and take it to school.


The research is used research and development. The method of developing a Plomp model consisting of an initial investigation phase, planning phase, realization stage, test phase, evaluation and, revision and final stage of implementation. But this research only phases the test, evaluation and revision only. Validation is done by 1 mathematics lecturer and 1 PTIK lecturer. Practicality check is done to 28 students of class VIII SMPN 27 Padang and 1 person mathematics teachers of SMPN 27 Padang.


Based on the validation results of the expert acquired the results that this interactive learning Media is valid with an average of 87%. Based on the practical poll of the teacher, the results of the average practicality of 86.67% by criteria are practically practicable. The student's practicality results from an average of 82.05% with practical criteria.


From the results of this research researchers suggested that further research can develop interactive mathematics learning media in the form of Android applications with other models of learning because interactive mathematics learning Media In this form of Android application can be used as a companion media in the learning process. In addition it is expected that researchers can also develop interactive mathematics learning media in the form of this problem-based mathematical Android application with language that is easier to understand by students of grade VIII SMPN.


Key Words : Development, android, media, smartphone app.

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