Application of the SQ4R Model in Mathematics Learning for Class VIII Students at Adabiah Padang Middle School.

Dewi . Ramadani


This research is motivated by the ability of students who are still low in understanding mathematics. Students only expect explanations from the teacher and work on assignments that have been given previous examples. As a result learning is less effective, because only a small proportion of students are actively involved in learning activities, to overcome this, the writer tries to apply the SQ4R model.               The research question is "How is the learning activity of students whose learning applies the SQ4R model in class VIII Adabiah Middle School Padang?". The research hypothesis is the results of students' mathematics learning by learning to apply the SQ4R model better than ordinary learning in class VIII Adabiah Middle School Padang.               This type of research is experimental research. The research population was all eighth grade students of Adabiah Middle School in 2019/2020 academic year. The sampling is done randomly after normality test, population homogeneity test and average similarity test. Class VIII2 students with 32 people selected as the experimental class and class VIII1 students with 30 people selected as the control class. The independent variable in this study is the treatment given to the sample class when the research is the application of the SQ4R model in the experimental class and ordinary learning in the control class. The dependent variable in this study is the activities and student learning outcomes obtained after the treatment is given according to the independent variable. Hypothesis testing the results of students' final mathematics tests are analyzed using the t test.               The results of testing the hypothesis with dk = 60 and the level of confidence α = 0.05 can be t_ ((0.95; 60)) = 1.67 while t_ (count) = 1.1579. Because t_count <t_tabel means the criterion is accept H0, it can be concluded that the results of learning mathematics students who use the application of SQ4R as good as the results of learning mathematics students who use ordinary learning.               The researcher suggests that the next researcher who wants to apply the SQ4R model in mathematics learning is expected to be better able to manage the class and improve the deficiencies in the conduct of the research the researcher is carrying out, so as to provide better results. Keywords: SQ4R Model, Student Learning Activities, Student Learning Outcomes.

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