Application of Generative Learning Models in Mathematics Learning for Class VIII Students of SMPN 30 Padang. Teaching and Education Faculty, Bung Hatta University

Mislidina Ikhsan


The background of this research was the student’s low learning outcomes that can be seen from the percentage of Semester Exam’s scores of Grade VII students of SMP Negeri 30 Padang at academic years 2018/2019. This problem was caused by teacher centered learning and the student’s  lack of activity in the learning process. To overcome these problems researchers use  Generative learning models in class VIII of SMPN 30 Padang.

The method used is an experiment. The population in this research is the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 30 Padang at academic years 2019/2020 that consisting of eight classes. The sample of the research consists of two classes, namely the experimental class and the control class. The sample selection was done by taking 2 classes randomly that have the same average, and the selected class is VIII.3 students as the experimental class and VIII.2 students as the control class.

Based on data analysis of student’s mathematics learning outcomes in the sample class, with an average percentage test with a level of α = 0.05, obtained  =   = 1.6875, and = 1,9386, then >  is 1,9386 > 1.6875, and it means that  is rejected and  is accepted. It can be concluded that the implementation of generative learning models can improve the student’s learning outcomes in mathematics rather than implementation of conventional learning.

Therefore, this learning model was recommended to the mathematic teacher as one of the alternative learning model that can improve the student learning outcomes and it can raise the student self esteem so that they participate actively during the learning proses.

Keywords:  Generative learning models, learning outcomes.

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