Error Analysis in Solving Real Word Problems with Kastolan Stepson Class IX Students at SMP Kartika 1-7 Padang

Nilla Presticha, Syukma Netti, Fazri Zuzano


When students word on mathematical problems, many students experience errors in solving story problems, both concept errors and prosedural errors. To the students who experience difficulties or errors in solving mathematical problems, researchers need to find out the type and factors that cause errors. So that teachers can find the right solution to help students reduce errors made by students in solving problems.

            This study aims to describe the typesand factors that cause mistakes made by students of class IX in SMP Kartika 1-7 padang in solving story problems using the Kastalon Stepson.

            Type of this study is quadiitative study. Data kinds of errors are gotten from the resuits of class IX.4 students in solving the narrative problems and data about cause factors of students errors work are gotten from 4 study subject students. Instruments that are used in this study are narrative problems and interviewed guide.

                The results of this study indicate the total number of errors of 69 errors. The percentage of error is 68.12% concept error and 31.88% procedure error. The mistakes most dominant students make are mistakes in writing mathematical formulas and students errors in determining the final grade. Factors that cause students to make mistakes are: (a) students find it difficult to understand problems, (b) students are less focused on working on problems, (c) students do not know the formula, (d) students do not make formulas, (e) students are rushed -Waste in working on problems. Factors that cause students to make procedural errors are: (a) students are not careful in working on the problems, (b) students do not check the questions done before they are submitted to the teacher.

                Thus it can be suggested to the teacher to create a comfortable and cool learning atmosphere so that students are calm in learning, for parents to better control their children at home in using mobile phones.


Keywords: Error analysis, kastolan stepson, word mathematical problems

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