Implementation of REACT Learning strategy on mathematics learning students of Grade VIII SMP Negeri 29 Padang.

Irna Syafitri, Fazri Zuzano, . Edrizon


This research is backed by the low learning results of mathematics that is still under the KKM. This is because the learning process is still centered on the teacher and the lack of enthusiastic students in learning the material so that students have difficulty in determining what concept to use when faced with questions that relating to the material. To solve the problem, one of the efforts made is to implement the learning strategy Relating, Experiencing, Applying, Cooprating, dan Transferring (REACT). With this strategy set up, it is expected to improve students ' understanding of mathematical concepts.


The type of research used is experimental research. The population in this study is all students of grade VIII SMPN 29 Padang. Sampling classes were carried out randomly, resulting in sample classes in the study as students of Grade VIII. 6 as experimental classes and students of Grade VIII. 5 as Control classes.


Based on the analysis of the final test data understanding of the student concept, after conducting the hypothesis test using the T-Test formula. Obtained on the price           , then  and that means H0 is rejected. The conclusion is the understanding of mathematical concepts of grade VIII students SMP Negeri 29 Padang which implements REACT learning strategy better than understanding the mathematical concept of students by applying regular learning.


From the results of this study, researcher suggested that mathematics teachers and readers can apply this REACT learning strategy as an alternative to improving the understanding of students ' mathematical concepts.


Key Words : REACT, Concept understanding

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