An Analysis of Directive Speech Act in Furious 7 Movie


  • Alam Budy Satria
  • Yusrita Yanti
  • Themmy Thamrin


Directive speech act is the actions performed via utterance to get the
hearer to do something. Directive speech acts are often used by people every day
in social interactions. Through directive speech act, has several purposes
command, advice, ask, request, and many others. To realize directive speech acts
in communication, people use different strategies. The strategies used in speaking
depend on the situation when speaking. Directive speech acts can be found in
various media such as magazines, films, newspapers, books, etc.Therefore, this
research aims to describe the types of directive speech acts and strategies to
realize directive speech acts used by characters in Furious 7 movie.
Searle (1976) classifies types of directive speech acts such as: requesting,
asking, commanding, suggesting, ordering, questioning, seeking confirmation,
seeking information, how-to-instruction. Communication strategies are very
important in directive speech act. Politeness is directly related to speech acts
because certain speech acts contain actions that threaten the face (FTA). As in the
action there is an FTA. Therefore a strategy is needed to maintain self-esteem so
that the interlocutor still feels valued.Brown and Levinson (1987: 60) identified
four politeness strategies that speakers can apply, namely (1) Bald-on Record
Strategy (without strategy), (2) Positive politeness, (3) Negative politeness
strategy, (4) Off-record politeness strategy.
This research is qualitative research using descriptive methods. The
research data were taken from directive speech acts in conversations between
characters in the movie. In conducting the research, the writer did research steps,
there are collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data of research findings and
finally, drawing conclusions from the results obtained.
The result of research indicates fifty data of directive speech act. The
writer found four types of directive speechacts in conversation between the
characters inthis movie. There are requesting, commanding, suggestion, and
asking. From fifty data that found, there are 8 data in request, 40 data in
command, 1 data in suggest, and 1 data in ask. To realize directive speech acts,
the characters use different strategies. The strategies used by the characters in
directive speech acts found in the movie arebald-on record, positive politeness and
negative politeness. From fifty data of directive speech acts that found, there are
32 data used bald-on record strategy (Without redressive action), 15 data used
positive politeness, and 3 data used negative politeness.
Based on the research findings, it can be concluded that there are some
points which can answer the formulation of the problems.The classification of
directive types that occurred in the conversation of the character in the Furious 7
movie includes four types, request, command, suggestion, and asking. On this
research, the writer found 50 data. There are 8 requesting, 40 commanding, and 1
suggestion, and 1 asking. In this research on thismovie, commanding acts is
mostly used in conversations between the characters because this movie is an
action movie that tells the story of war between teams that make the characters in
this movie often use directive speech acts of commanding.
Previously stated that directive speech act refers to the words used to make
the listener to do something, so in this movie the speech act of commanding is
mostly used.In thismovie the characters used three strategies, there are without
redressive action (Baldly) and with redressive action (Positive Politeness and
Negative Politeness). The writer found 32 data in this movie that used the strategy
of without redressive action (Baldly), there are 30 data used in command and 2 in
request. The writer found 18 data that used the strategy of with redressive action.
15 data used positive politeness, there are 5 data used in request, 9 data used in
command, and 1 data used in suggestion. Only 3 data used negative politeness, it
is 1 data used in request, 1 data in command and 1 data in asking. In this research
on the Furious 7 movie, the characters most commonly used the strategy of baldon record or without redressive action (Baldly).It can be seen from the
conversation of the character. In the Furious 7 movie, the factors that influence
the character more often use direct strategies are in addition to this film is an
action film, the characters are in a hard life that make them accustomed to speak
without redressive action (Baldly).The strategy of without redressive action
(Baldly) most commonly found in commanding acts.From explanation above, it
can be concluded that every conversation has many directive speech acts, and in
conversations there are also differences in the strategy communication of each
character. Whatever directives speech act chosen, the important thing in directive
is how to make the listener do something.
Keyword: directive speech act, communication strategy,furious 7 movie

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Alam Budy Satria

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